GreenTech Laboratories, Inc.(GTL) is an Ayurveda Biotechnology and Regenerative Energy company focused on humanitarian and socially responsible applications of synergistic proprietary technologies. With Vedic Science as a foundation, GTL’s QEAT (Quantum Energy Activation Transfer) Technology, Consecration Technology and Cellular Nano-Energy Technology are paving the road to frontier science through development of cutting-edge transformational medicines, wellness products and ecological products that are housing disruptive technology; changing the face and structure of our planet and inhabitants.



Greentech Laboratories Inc’s proprietary products facilitate the healing process while our specially designed biotechnology applications ‘UNLOCK THE DOORWAY TO HEALING’, allowing humans the possibility to treat the root cause of the imbalance and not just the expressed symptoms. Allow us the pleasure of assisting you with your health and wellness needs…

“In today’s world, the awareness of what is beneficial for one’s body has been lost. If people had more awareness that their body consisted of five elements that created this organic matter that we call “ our body”, they could learn to PURIFY, BALANCE and NOURISH these five elements for HEALTH and VITALITY”

~Sharmilla Patil, MD ~ CEO & FOUNDER